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Why legionella schematic drawing is Important?

Water System layout can easily be represented using schematics drawing. It helps to identify risk and temperatures points/sentinal points. Once any bacteria is remove while undertaking remedial works key problem areas can be identified easily.

When I should acquire a legionella schematic drawing, and how frequently is it necessary?

Alterations made to the Water System Infrastructure.

Modifications in the usage or purpose of the building housing the system

Newly acquired data or insights concerning potential hazards or methods of control

Results from checks highlighting that the implemented control measures are no longer efficient.

Identification of a case of Legionnaires disease

How much does a legionella schematic drawing cost?

The cost of Legionella schematic drawings depends on the number of water assets present in the system, such as water outlets, storage tanks, and boilers. The more assets, the longer it will take to produce the schematic. Prices for such drawings can range from £50 to £500, with variations depending on the size of the company, the processes involved, and the level of detail in the drawings. Most drawings can be produced within 1-3 hours. At Quantum Kurv, we offer affordable prices starting from £30 for small to medium sites, and up to £50 for larger sites with over 350 assets. Click on Get Quote to get your personalised quote.

The Legionella schematic drawing is typically created within a timeframe of 1-4 hours and is transmitted concurrently with the legionella risk assessment and other documents provided as part of the service. Your legionella schematic drawing will be delivered to you within 2-3 working days.


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